Spending power is people power - and every dollar Kiwis choose to spend can support local businesses. LIVE.SHOP.LOVE.LOCAL is encouraging all Kiwis - including businesses - to spend thoughtfully in order to recover the economy faster and keep the local businesses we know and love up and running. Businesses have also started stepping up to support each other through purchasing and opportunities to promote each other.

LIVE.SHOP.LOVE.LOCAL is movement spearheaded by longtime butcher boss and co-owner of the Mad Butcher, Michael Morton. The movement calls for Kiwis to support New Zealand owned businesses and do their part to help the local economy recover after the nationwide lockdown.

To support his vision, Morton commissioned New Zealand artist Anna Leyland to create a unique symbol for LIVE.SHOP.LOVE.LOCAL that businesses can use to denote that they are, and support local. The symbol is available for any New Zealand business to download and display on their websites, social media and other digital touch points. A free asset pack is also available to order via the LIVE.SHOP.LOVE.LOCAL website to display in shop frontage. The symbol will remind people to consider ‘localness’ before they spend and know every dollar they spend helps keep local businesses running. The symbol represents inclusiveness and unity in our communities and encourages businesses to support each other too.